Products by Voga Marine : Resolute, luxury SUP
Products by Voga Marine : Resolute, luxury SUP square

Our Cruising SUP inspired by Classic Yachts
and Runabouts of the 1960s

Resolute SUP

Our flagship SUP Resolute is our first creation at Voga Marine. It features a deck made of real teak from Burma and stainless steel elements.

Many iterations led us to the timeless and unique design reminiscent of the legendary Italian and American runabouts of the sixties.

This model provides a stable, comfortable ride even for beginners. The watercraft itself is crafted with a strong attention to detail.

Length Width Volume
11.6' 30" 450 l
  • 11.6' full bespoke build only, price on demand.


  • Custom Build (11.6') : Fully customized build, limited batches only. Please contact us to best determine your needs.

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