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premium ride store the online foil store by voga foil boards

Premium Ride Store, Online Foil Boutique by Voga Marine

Voga Foil Boards premium ride store

Carefully Selected Foil Gear

Our team of riders has chosen for you their favorite brands with whom we work in close collaboration to offer you high-quality, high-performance equipment. We also collaborate with the pro-riders of these brands to obtain curated recommendations on the best choice of equipment according to your program or your level of practice.

We are offering foils kits and parts by Sabfoil and Axis, Wings by Vayu and Ensis, accessories like travel bags, board protection, footstraps, nuts and bolts by Unifiber, RSPRO among others and, of course, our Voga Marine foil boards.

Tailored service

We are available to advise you on the best combo suited to your limits. Premium Ride Store works in drop-shipping. Our margins are therefore lower than other shops but we can free ourselves from a logic of clearance: getting rid of products is not an imperative for us, your satisfaction is.

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Why Create a Separate Online Store?

Premium Ride Store is an initiative from Voga Marine, where our core expertise is shaping, naval design and advanced composites. The design of wings, foils and accessories are professions in their own right and our partner brands excel in these areas. We chose to remain within the scope of our specialty.

This is why we needed a dedicated foil e-shop on a platform that offers all the latest features for a seamless shoping experience. Premium Ride Store therefore features high-quality foil gear selected by our riders and some of the world's best athletes.

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