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Voga Marine wing foil board

Your Mediterranean Foil Board Maker

Voga Marine Mediterranean foil board maker almanarre brutal beach

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At Voga Foil Boards, we have opted for local production. We manufacture custom surf foil, wing foil, dock foil and SUP foil boards, pre-production prototypes and small series. A more eco-friendly alternative that promotes local know-how. In our workshop located between two world-renowned spots, Almanarre and Brutal Beach, we refine our manufacturing methods every day in order to apply our quality standards to easily renewable series in order to be in line with the practice of a growing sport.

At Voga Foil Boards, our models meet the latest standards of foiling. Today, you have the choice of a complete range of foil boards actually produced in France that are ideal for our Mediterranean conditions.

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Voga Foil Board Speed challenger race wing foil board

Voga Race

Our Race Boards.

Voga Foil Board wing foil board

Voga Wing Foil

Our Freestyle and Freeride Wing Foil Range.

Voga Foil Board surf foil board

Voga Surf Foil

Our Surf Foil Range.

Voga Foil Board pump foil board

Voga Pump Foil

Our Pump Foil and Beach Start Range.

Voga Foil Board downwind wing foil board

Voga Downwind

Our Downwind SUP and Wing Range.

Sabfoil combos recommended by Maddalena Spanu, Nicolo Spanu and Balz Muller

Sabfoil Kits & Combos

The best of SABFOIL, Italian maker of high-performance foil kits recommended by world-champions Maddalena Spanu or Balz Müller.

Axis pump foil combos recommended by Wake Thief

Axis Kits & Combos

Highly technical Axis Foil kits of New Zealand, recommended by Devon of Wake Thief for pump foil and appreciated by many of the best top athletes for downwind.

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