Voga Marine wing foil board

High-Tech Composite Watertoys
Performance Boards with Yacht-Grade Finishings

Voga Marine is your Mediterranean watersports brand operating locally to provide durable equipment in small series, 100% Made in France. We work hand-in-hand with marine experts and local small industry to provide you with high quality boards that are slick and fun. Come discover our high tech foil boards as well as our Customs watercrafts inspired by classic runabouts, and built out of cutting-edge materials.

New Models

Dock Forty Four Crossover
Pumping, wing, surf

Custom Sinker Wing
Wing under 3'8" X 40L

2022 Foil Boards Collection

Click above to discover our 2022 range of Foil Boards. All our models are available for pre-order with a 3-4 weeks lead time. We offer a complete range of Dock Foil, Surf Foil and Wing Foil boards for intermediate users to the most advanced riders.

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