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Voga Marine Mediterranean Foil Boards

Voga Foil Boards - Local Production, High Performance Foiling

Voga Foil Boards Local Production High Performance Foiling

Your Local Brand Since 2020

Voga Marine started with an encounter between Anthony, a young entrepreneur and sea lover with a strong sense of aesthetics and Frederic with more than 20 years of experience in marine shipyards and building prototypes and shapes for riders and major brands. He is a true passionate of hull design and composite materials with a natural inclination for bio-sourced materials. Both share a certain taste of challenge and performance. Based in a completely rehabilitated workshop halfway between Brutal Beach and Almanarre, two world renowned Mediterranean riding spots, Voga was a slightly crazy gamble at the start.

In response to all the mass produced boards out there, which are pushed to customers to ensure stock clearance through mass marketing, Voga Marine boards meet the demands of riders and the latest advances in our emerging water sports.

Voga, your Mediterranean brand, offers a local alternative for boards that are designed and actually manufactured in France and that use the most advanced technologies. Our approach is intended to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use the best local know-how through lasting partnerships.

Voga designs and manufactures custom boards that meet specific needs, but also small series boards. No overstock, a fair price and tailored service. We are at your disposal to offer you the board or combo perfectly suited to your needs.

Voga, an adventure from Venice to Provence

Seven years ago, I was visiting my family in the heart of Venice. There, I learned the traditional art of rowing also known as "Voga" in Venetian language. As an avid windsurfer and SUP fan, when riding on these traditional wooden boats built from a unique know-how, the project was born.

With the help of an engineer and a shaper, I built my first SUP in a garage out of wood and fiberglass. This board, which was inspired by the legendary runabouts of the 1960s and decorated with mahogany and stainless steel fittings, allowed me to close my first sale to a superyacht for two bespoke units.

2020, the garage is no longer enough and Voga Marine moves to its current premises. We set up the workshop while simultaneously manufacturing the two SUPs. The walls of the future laminating room literally rise up around the boards under construction. A few months later, we successfully delivered the watercrafts to one of the most prestigious shipyards in Italy.

Shortly after, Voga became involved in the development of foil boards. The first surf foil and wing foil prototypes are surprising for local riders, both for their performance and their looks. Voga was an early adopter with pump foil. We launched the first dedicated pump foil boards on the market back in 2021.

Born in Canada and of Venetian origin, the Mediterranean coast of France adopted me at the age of 3. The Mediterranean Sea offered me a breathtaking setting as well as exceptional sailing spots. With Voga, I aim to give back by scaling an alternative production model which makes more sense. In other words, a model that gives back to the local community and that contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the boardsports industry.

Anthony Tommasi founder of Voga Marine
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Foil Boards made in France for a unique riding experience

The board is the link between the rider and his foil. It therefore seems essential to me to create a coherent and extremely responsive ensemble. Click below to find out more about our approach to shaping.

An Alternative Model for a Cleaner Future

From the start, Voga seeks to reduce its environmental impact during manufacturing. In addition to the fact that our boards do not travel halfway around the globe, we integrate natural materials such as volcanic basalt fiber and PET cores, a highly technical recyclable foam obtained from recycled plastic.

We were also among the first to use reused Airbus© carbon fabrics. These fabrics, which are normally used to hold the wings of airliners, reinforce our boards and secure your foil rig with our inhouse full-carbon US box rails.

We will strengthen these initiatives. Voga Marine joined the CEDRE Ambition Region Sud community in December 2023 after several months of support with a CSR expert (Corporate Social Responsibility). This is a local public incentive to support small companies in their CSR development. As of today, this support is renewed for a period of three years. Three areas of work constitute our CSR strategy to reduce the impact of our boards over the entire life cycle. The result will be eco-responsible processes modeled on the ISO 26000 standard and concrete data on which to measure the performance of Voga Marine in its positive impact on the environment and the community. I will share news on this subject as our actions come to fruition.

Voga Marine csr clean composites

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