Products by Voga Marine : forty Four Dock Foil Board

Custom Pump Foil Board High Volume

Voga Marine Beach Starter Surf

Pump Foil with a Little Extra Volume for Easier Swim Back

Our Forty Four model is your ultimate weapon for beach start, with enough volume and length to allow you to keep going under muchy conditions, catch nearby waves and swim back easily when your run is over. Its unique reinforced structure offers unmatched stiffness for efficient and precise pumping.

Length Width Volume
4'1" 18" 30 l
Starting at €790 (incl. VAT)
Ultra glossy carbon finish deck side, satin finish on the bottom.

Built to order by hand in France in our Mediterranean workshop, lead time 3-4 weeks.


  • Epoxy infused carbon, XPS core: Full carbon build around XPS foamcore. Structural beam out of carbon sandwich.
  • Optionnal Airbus© quad carbon US box system Ultra thick 1000g/m² Airbus© sourced carbon infused foil mount under US box standars.
  • Fun et Flashy Finishings: Glossy finish deck side, satin finish hull side. Flashy colors, always!
  • Premium EVA 3mm traction pads : Yacht-quality grip pad, single color brushed texture.
  • Optional foostrap inserts.

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