Products by Voga Marine : One Hundred, Dock Foil Board

Small Series Dock Foil Board

The stiffest pump foil board out there


  • Epoxy infused carbon, basalt/PET: Aero grade composites built around 15mm PET high density foam. Structural beam out of PET/carbon.
  • Airbus© quad carbon reinforcement plate Ultra thick 1000g/m² Airbus© sourced carbon infused plate reinforcing the foil mount.
  • Fun et Flashy Finishings: Glossy finish deck side, satin finish hull side. Flashy colors, always!
  • Foil Inserts: Three adjustment positions, through-all insert for M6 screws.
  • Premium EVA 3mm traction pads : Yacht-quality grip pad, single color brushed texture.
  • Optional foostrap inserts, threaded inserts.
  • Optional wake boarding fins.

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