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Voga Marine foiling in the Mediterranean

Foiling in the Mediterranean with Voga

Our Approach to Shaping

The board is the link between the rider and his foil. It therefore seems essential to me to create a coherent and extremely responsive ensemble. The basis of our shapes is a harmonious volume distribution.

Our shapes are designed to generate speed to take off and fly as soon as possible. Hulls that plane quickly with flat surfaces at the rear, marked rails and steps that reduce drift.

Our hulls cushion water landings thanks to light double or triple concaves on the front third of the length coupled with more or less marked bevels. We also tend to countersink our decks to offer the increased stability/length/width ratio.

Most of our models have a marked lift and a rake of 1 to 2° for improved responsiveness during pumping.

And above all, to respond more precisely to the rider's movements, our boards have an extremely stiff internal structure including optional 100% carbon US standard in-house rails.

local mediterranean shaper voga foil boards
Voga Foil Boards custom race wing foil boards made in france

Race Wing Foil

A hull inspired by kite foil race boards that is narrow enough to allow the wildest angles with a progressive rocker. We reduced the wet surface as much as possible to speed up takeoff.

The lowered deck improves stability. It ends with a bulb on the front quarter to improve aerodynamics by fairing the deck. At more than 30 knots, aerodynamics do play a significant role.

The devil is in the details: our US rails and full carbon tuttle boxes directly integrated to a carbon sandwich structural beam offer optimal stiffness for precise handling and more comfortable touch and go.

Our Speed ​​Challenger range has been designed for racing and speed or for “Défi Wing” type events.

Voga Foil Boards custom downwind foil boards made in france

Downwind SUP Foil and Wing Foil

Our Offshore Downwind line is intended for those who want to explore the high seas and enjoy long downwind sessions or light wind cruising.

The wet surface is reduced to a minimum thanks to an elongated shape and minimum beam for the Expert model or moderate beam for the Cruise model. Yet, our downwind boards provide exceptional stability thanks to its tulip-shaped rails that extend from the stern to the beam.

The bow is bulb-shaped to add volume and avoid getting stuck in catching waves. We get a lot of those here in the Mediterranean as our wave periods tend to be quite short.

Voga Foil Boards custom wing foil boards made in france

Freestyle and Freeride Wing Foil

Our Inshore Freestyle model is compact with straight rails at the rear, gentle bevels from the rear third to the front where we include a slight double concave. The rocker is progressive in order to improve your best combo of tricks.

Our Inshore Freeride model is compact, relatively wider, with an outstretched rocker. The shape features a slight double concave on the front third and very marked rails with a kick lift on the rear to allow rocking rocking during the pumping phase.

Once in flight, the feeling of volume disappears. You’ll have the impression on flying on a board with 20 liters less which makes our freeride boards extremely manageable and versatile. They are a must have for skilled to expert riders.

Voga Foil Boards pumping foil boards made in france

Pump Foil Pioneers

On one side the One Hundred model, the first dedicated pump foil board and the stiffest on the market. This board has been perfected for the dock start with the help of engineers from Seatech, University of Toulon for exceptional performance ratios.

A vacuum infusion construction and a unique combination of materials reinforced with Airbus carbon, normally used to hold the wings of airliners, allows for an extremely stiff board despite only 15 mm in thickness making it easier to grip.

Its front rocker allows you to save the touch and go even with a negligible amount of volume.

The One Hundred has proven itself throughout Europe. No structural breakage even with heavyweight riders.

On the other hand, the Beach Starter Surf is the foil surfboard designed for beach start or dock start thanks to its extremely tulip-shaped bevels making it easier to grip when starting. This is the answer to our seasoned clients who wish to overcome new challenges with beach start. A slight double concave which opens onto a flat surface with extremely tight rails will ease your take-off.

The slightly concave deck allows for better foot placement with optional footstraps. We keep the round pintail shape to carve without fear. Ideal for your summer wake foil sessions. The ultimate weapon for experienced to pro riders.

Voga Foil Boards Local Production High Performance Foiling

Surf Foil

A sleek and fluid shape with a round pintail to take angles without fear on our Easy Glider Surf range.

This shape offers a little length with advanced volume for optimized paddling comfort as well as a slight double concave and tuliped bevels to capture our Mediterranean waves.

In terms of construction, we pushed the stiffness aspect to the limit with a structural beam and full carbon US rails in order to gain efficiency on pumping and allow extreme carving.

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