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Voga Marine premium ride store

Custom Wing Foil Boards Made in France

Compact and technical boards for intermediate to expert riders. Designed to please the eye through unique esthetic features, yet built using cutting edge composite technology for a fun experience even in light wind conditions.

Our shapes with on-demand rake, allow for immediate take-off and easy touch and go. Our new hull design will optimize your flight time during every session.

All Voga Marine wing foil boards are built in full carbon under vacuum with large deck and hull sandwich plates that are bound together inside thanks to a stiff structural beam allowing the rider to perfectly translate its movements to the foil rig. This configuration offers ultimate control as if the boards was an extension of the rider’s body.

Materials: Carbon fiber, Entropy One© biosourced epoxy, Airex© PVC foam (sandwich), EPS core, Map Yachting© boat varnish.
Colors available: Fluorescent Orange, Satin, Steel Blue, Raspberry, Custom Color.
Full customization available. Please allow 24h to get back to you with a design proposal.
Gore-Tex© venting valve
FCS© leash plug
Carrying handle
Size variants:
4'10" x 24" x 90l
4'6 1/2" x 23 1/2" x 80l
4'6" x 23 1/2" x 70l
Custom Size
Lead time 6-8 weeks depending on production schedule.
Board sold alone, stainless screw set included.

shape wireframe voga inshore freeride wing foil

The shape

Our Inshore Freeride model is compact, relatively wider than the Freestyle line, with an outstretched rocker. The shape features a slight double concave on the front third and very marked rails with a kick lift on the rear to allow rocking rocking during the pumping phase.

Once in flight, the feeling of volume disappears. You’ll have the impression on flying on a board with 20 liters less which makes our freeride boards extremely manageable and versatile. They are a must have for intermediary to expert riders.


Internal Structure
Full Vacuum Build

Voga Marine planches en full carbone sous vide
A Low density EPS foam core
3D engineered in France
B Airex© / carbon sandwich structural beam
Deck / hull interface, IPN beam principle, extreme stiffness
C Twill carbon fabric
2 sandwich layers with extra reinforcement strips on rails
D Airex© PVC Sandwich Core
Sandwich reinforcement under deck
E In-house US-standard foil box plate or Futures© Fin box
Vacuum infused Carbon / Soric© double sandwich plate, routed to USBox standards and secured with structural epoxy glue, then laminated under one layer of carbon (optional) or Futures© Fin boxes
F US-standard box rails
Airex© / carbon sandwich bloc routed with US rails, laminated top and bottom and bound to the internal beam
G Twill carbon fabric
2 sandwich layers with extra reinforcement strips on rails

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