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Voga Marine race wing foil board speed challenger


Race Wing Foil Boards Made in France

The Voga Marine Speed Challenger is a concentrate of composite technology developed in collaboration with pro riders and Seatech, University of Toulon as part of an engineering thesis for mechanical engineering.

This board incorporates all of our latest innovations with an optimized sampling of hybrid carbons and core materials for exceptional performance ratios.

The shape, inspired by kite foil racing, is designed to take off quickly and waste as little time as possible on touch-and-go thanks to perfect volume distribution.

Our Pure Race in US or tuttle was developed specifically to break speed records and take podiums. Full carbon US box included, optional tuttle box mount.

Materials: Carbon fiber, Entropy One© biosourced epoxy, Airex© PVC foam (sandwich), EPS core, upcycled Airbus© carbon fibers, Map Yachting© boat varnish.
Colors available: Orange, Grey, White, Turquoise, Yellow, Custom Color.
Full customization available. Please allow 24h to get back to you with a design proposal.
Size variants:
4'11" x 18 1/2" x 60l
4'11" x 21 1/2" x 75l
Custom Size
Lead time 4-5 weeks.
Board sold alone, stainless screw set included.

shape wireframe voga speed challenger wing foil

The shape

A hull inspired by kite foil race boards that is narrow enough to allow the wildest angles with a progressive rocker. We reduced the wet surface as much as possible to speed up takeoff.

The lowered deck improves stability. It ends with a bulb on the front quarter to improve aerodynamics by fairing the deck. At more than 30 knots, aerodynamics do play a significant role.

The devil is in the details: our US rails and full carbon tuttle boxes directly integrated to a carbon sandwich structural beam offer optimal stiffness for precise handling and more comfortable touch and go.

Our Speed ​​Challenger range has been designed for racing and speed or for “Défi Wing” type events.


  • Carbon Vacuum Build : Carbon/epoxy Entropy ONE© bio-sourced on low density EPS core. This board is reinforced with a deck and hull carbon sandwich connected inside with a structural beam sandwich.

  • Airbus© carbon rails : Your foil rig will be secured by our VogaBox system that is stiffer and more durable than any plastic US Box rails. Built following US Box standard specs.

  • Premium EVA pads : Under your feet, you'll enjoy a two-tone deck pad that is tailor made on yacht-grade EVA with a beautiful brushed texture.

  • Custom Finishing : Finishings are applied by hand with great care. The deck side is finished with 5 to 6 layers of boat varnish so you get a gorgeous high-gloss transparency effect or opt for a beautiful satin finish.

  • On-demand rake.
  • Foostrap inserts: Custom configuration.
  • Stainless venting plug.
  • Standard FCS leash plug.
  • 100% Mediterranean design and build.

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