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Voga Marine axis foil combos


Pump Foil Combo Axis Wake Thief Original with Voga

Find your perfect pump foil combo at a reduced price. This combo includes a choice of two boards designed and built by us in France with the Wake Thief Original foil kit. Please specify board color of your choice upon order.
Free Shipping applies in France and Switzerland. Please contact us for shipping outside the EU.


In every corner of the globe, passionate foil enthusiasts have discovered AXIS. They tell them their advanced foil design, precision engineering and stiffness of each connection point has enabled them to take their foiling to the next level, and the next. While they’re proud to have helped fuel these trail blazers’ passion for foiling, now they inspire them. Every day the feedback and ideas flow in from wake thieves in America’s lake country, prone foilers in Western Australia, SUP foilers in California or wingers in the islands and canals of Europe. These diverse inputs ensure their design and innovation process never stops or narrows in focus. After all, they want as many people in as many places as possible, to share their passion of foiling.

The Wake Thief Kit

Flying above the water on a hydrofoil is an experience like no other. When Devon @WakeThief discovered the AXIS PNG 1150 Carbon Front Wing, the perfect balance of area, high aspect ratio hydrofoil, ease of pumping and use, he never looked elsewhere. The AXIS PNG 1150 helped to double Devon’s flat water pumping distance, and enable 2.5 minutes of unassisted flight on a hydrofoil. This experience kicked off his journey to fly forever on a hydrofoil. He turned his lake front into a test facility, and began an effort to tune his AXIS setup for lake hydrofoiling. He paired the 1150 with different rear wings, fuselages, and masts, before arriving at his preferred setup. The Wake Thief Edition is Devon’s “go-to-setup” to dock start, surf the tiniest wakes, and pump around the lake to create an endless wave comprised of the wakes on the lake.

The One Hundred Pump Foil Board by Voga Marine

We have been perfecting the One Hundred since 2021 when Voga Foil Boards took on the challenge to produce the first ever series pump foil board on the market.

Enjoy super efficient pumping thanks to our ultra stiff unique carbon infused build with a high density PET core. The One Hundred Dock foil board is the stiffest out there even with a thickness of 15mm for a better grip when launching and a nice front rocker to help recovery. This board for dock start was developed and tested in collaboration with Seatech Engineering School in Toulon, France to obtain the best performance ratios. This board, like all Voga Boards, is designed and built in France one the Mediterranean coast.

This dock start board is suitable for aspiring riders as well as experts seeking to beat records.

The Beach Starter Surf Foil Board by Voga Marine

Our Beach Starter model is your ultimate weapon for catching waves straight off the beach. Our customers' increasing skill level and whillingness to venture into bigger challenges pushed us to develop a pump foil board with enough volume and length to allow the rider to keep going under muchy conditions and also swing back easily. Reach the waves while already in flight, catch more, enjoy more. Its unique reinforced structure offers unmatched stiffness for efficient and precise pumping. French design and build.

Board Specs

voga marine one hundred pump foil combo
One Hundred Dock Foil

Size (cm): 100 x 44.5 x 0.15 x 5.5l
Full carbon/PET infusion build
Weight: 2.3kg
Designed and built in France

voga marine beach starter pump foil combo
Beach Starter Surf Foil

Size: 4'1" x 18" x 28L
Full carbon/XPS build
Special Beach Start Surf
Designed and built in France

Foil Specs

Wake Thief with PNG 1150 Wake Thief with PNG 1300 Wake Thief with PNG 1310
Front Wing - Span 1150 mm 1300 mm 1310 mm
Front Wing - Proj. Surface 1713 cm2 1700 cm2 2011 cm2
Front Wing - Volume 2116 cm3 1895 cm3 2445 cm3
Front Wing - Ratio 7,72 9,94 8,53
Front Wing - Root Chord 180 mm 180 mm 185 mm
Stabilizer - Span 460 mm 460 mm 460 mm
Stabilizer - Surface 229,9 cm2 229,9 cm2 229,9 cm2
Stabilizer - Volume 82,82 cm3 82,82 cm3 82,82 cm3
Stabilizer - Aspect Ratio 9,30 9,30 9,30
Stabilizer - Root Chord 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
Fuselage - Length 680 mm (Short) 680 mm (Short) 680 mm (Short)
Mast - Height 750 or 820 mm 750 or 820 mm 750 or 820 mm
Board Connection Aluminium Plate Aluminium Plate Aluminium Plate

Separate Elements

Voga Marine pump foil board One Hundred Dock Foil

One Hundred Dock Foil


699,00 €

Voga Marine pump foil board Beach Starter Surf Foil

Beach Starter Surf Foil


790,00 €

Axis wake thief original edition pump foil kit

Wake Thief Original Kit


1867,00 €

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